happy mother's day

Happy Mother’s Day.

To all the mamas,

You are strong. You are sweet. You are so incredibly brave. This Mother’s Day, if you are feeling overlooked or unimportant, just remember you have the most important job in the whole world. Another soul has been entrusted to you. If that’s not beautiful, we don’t know what is. From the very start, you’ve hit your knees, hustled, lost sleep, sacrificed and did whatever it took for your little one. Nothing else could be more pro-woman, lovely, and extraordinary that that.

So just tuck this back into a corner in your heart- you are seen and loved and celebrated.

You inspire us every day. From the initial shock of two pink lines (and your courageous choice to push forward) to instilling that same strength to your daughter, to your days filled with Micky Mouse Playhouse and more love than you could ever imagine: here’s to you.

Happy Mother’s Day, warrior.

The Little Way Team

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