Is Abortion Legal in Kentucky?

If you are researching this question because you find yourself facing an unexpected pregnancy, take a deep breath – seriously – a deep breath in and out – and know that you have found a place that will answer your questions and help you any way we can, including free medical services like pregnancy tests and ultrasounds…more about that in a bit.  You should also know that working with women in your shoes is what we do, so rest knowing that you have found someone in your corner.

The answer to this question – is abortion legal in Kentucky? – is not a clear, simple answer.  Abortion laws are currently, at the time of this blog (Sept. 2022), being debated in the courts.  With that being said, it is temporarily illegal, in Kentucky, except for the life of the mother, while awaiting the final decision.

So now what? Don’t panic. We are here for you.

A great first step, before you head across state lines, is to find out a few things. Little Way’s compassionate staff of nurses, sonographers, and client advocates is here to help.  

How far along am I?   An ultrasound is the best tool to determine gestational age, which will play an important role in discussing abortion procedures & pregnancy options.

Do I need an abortion? Is my pregnancy viable? Maybe your pregnancy test was positive, but did you know that 20% of all first trimester pregnancies end in natural miscarriage? Little Way provides ultrasounds free of charge to determine viability.

Are there other important reasons to get an early ultrasound?  An ectopic pregnancy is when the fertilized egg implants itself in the fallopian tube.  This is a serious medical emergency and could be fatal for the mother if not treated.  An early ultrasound can detect a pregnancy in the uterus which would rule out an ectopic pregnancy.

How will an abortion affect my health and well-being?  Abortion is considered a major medical procedure, and there are common side effects. Understanding both procedures and risks is an important step as you make your plan. We can provide that information for you.

Should I be tested for STIs prior to getting an abortion? To protect a woman’s health, it is important to be tested for sexually transmitted infections prior to seeking an abortion. It is necessary to treat the infection to remove the risk of spread to the uterus, which can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. We can test for STIs, and if positive, we can treat your infection – free of charge.

You have a lot to think about and a lot to discover about your pregnancy as well as your next steps.  And, since we do not profit from your decision, you can rest assured that you’ll get honest answers. Our Little Way team is here to serve you, and when you leave our care, know that you will be armed with lots of information and support, as well as the confidence and knowledge you need to move forward. Make an appointment today!

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