You are a wonderful friend.  We all need someone like you in our corner when we feel vulnerable, fearful, and conflicted. Your willingness to step up and help will greatly aid in putting your friend at ease knowing she is not alone and has a confidante with her best interest at heart.

Sometimes there is a rush to make decisions. When faced with an unexpectant pregnancy, there is often not an easy answer. Whether she chooses abortion, parenting, or adoption, she will be changed on the other side. This is what we call a life-defining moment, and there is a lot to consider. You can start by helping her to slow down, gather important information about her pregnancy and look at the paths available to her in this situation. Let her know there is time.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind:

  1. Seek out a center like Little Way with licensed medical professionals who are prepared to help. We have a number of free services at your disposal including pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and STI testing and treatment. These services can you give your friend important information about her pregnancy, and she can rest knowing that everything is confidential.
  1. Encourage your friend to receive an ultrasound. 1 in 5 pregnancies ends in miscarriage, and an ultrasound will let her know if her pregnancy is viable (she may not need an abortion) as well as estimate the gestational age. Ultrasounds are provided at no cost.
  1. Find a center where your friend will feel safe and receive non-judgmental support. Little Way’s nursing staff, ultra-sonographers, and client advocates will give her the opportunity to ask questions and share her many thoughts and emotions. They will also provide lots of important information, so she can understand all of her options, including abortion procedures and risks for both the abortion pill as well as a surgical abortion.
  1. Listen. Allow your friend to voice her fears and concerns about her pregnancy. Walk with her. As her friend, you will be of great comfort just by being there.
  1. Be honest, share your thoughts. Gather as much information as you can, so you can know the facts. This will help your friend make sound judgements and give her the ability to weigh all her options and make an informed decision.
  1. Stay calm and hopeful. You are a stable force in your friend’s life when she is feeling very unstable. She also needs your reassurance that she is going to be ok.

Thank you for being a true and caring friend when she needs you most. Your friendship is irreplaceable. We, like you, want her to be whole and healthy on the other side of this decision.

So, whether she is considering adoption, abortion, parenting or is undecided, we are here to help.  Make an appointment at Little Way today!

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