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As the Father of the Baby, you may be asking, “What is my role?”  Good for you, for researching ways you can help her as well as how you fit into this decision. 

There are choices we make every day, but when it comes to an unexpected pregnancy, this is what we call a life decision, because it will impact you both and could change the course of your paths.  There is a choice that will fit you best, and we’re here to provide everything you both need so that you can make the best decision for you and your situation.

If you’re not married, the decision on whether or not to abort is legally hers but, your input counts. Statistically, you are the number one influencer of her decision. 

Since men have been silenced on this issue, some guys think that they should simply let her decide, but many women feel that is taking the easy way out and leaving her with the weight and responsibility of the choice. 

Put in the work.  Educate yourself about the options in front of her: adoption, abortion, and parenting.  Walk with her through this.  Ask the tough questions.    

So maybe her pregnancy test was positive, but it’s important to make sure that her pregnancy is viable.  1 in 5 pregnancies end in natural miscarriage, meaning a decision might not even be necessary.  An ultrasound can detect if the pregnancy is located in the uterus and a heartbeat is verified, both are necessary for viability.  We offer free pregnancy testing and free ultrasounds to find out for sure.  This is a great first step.

If you are considering abortion, as with any medical procedure, you both will want to understand procedures and risks.  It is also necessary to be tested for STIs and treated (if necessary) prior to an abortion procedure. Our nurses can provide these services as well.

As men, our natural instincts are to provide and protect.  Protect her – she may be overwhelmed. She needs a strong, calm, responsible voice that can help her sort through her thoughts and fears, as well as the facts of the situation.

What if you disagree?  This is a serious decision, and what you have to say is important.  Statistics show that even if men don’t talk much about the effects, abortion does impact them.  Post-abortive symptoms, like depression, are common in women, and in men, the conflict between the prospect of fatherhood and fatherhood lost can trigger long-term symptoms as well.  You both deserve to be confident in your decision.  

Seeking guidance from people you trust is important.  Make this a priority.  Of course, Little Way’s team of compassionate, non-judgmental client advocates, RNs, and sonographers is here to serve you both.  Your situation is unique.  Do not let anyone treat you like a number.     

You can do this.  Make an appointment today.

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