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Tips When Looking for an Abortion in Louisville

Abortion is a topic that most have an opinion about, and when you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, those opinions can get even louder. This makes us quietly go online for the abortion info we are looking for. There’s definitely no shortage of information online for abortion options (like the abortion pill or surgical abortion), but how do you know if the information you’re reading is accurate and right for you?

When making an abortion decision, it’s vital to consider a few tips.

#1. Don’t trust your health to the internet.

While, it’s true that sometimes you can find healthy recipes and great blogs online. However, an unplanned pregnancy deserves more attention than a five-minute read on Google about abortion. An appointment with licensed medical professionals should never be substituted with clicking on the latest article about your abortion questions.

#2. You can make the best decision when you have all the information about your individual situation.

There are a few vital facts about yourself that you need to know when you’re considering an abortion in Louisville. Lab quality testing will help you determine if you’re really pregnant. You should also consider if your pregnancy even appears to be viable in the first place. 1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage (!) You need to know if your body is already preparing for a miscarriage. An ultrasound can let you know if your pregnancy is viable. It can also determine how far along you are, which is important to know since there are different abortion types for different gestational ages.

#3. You need a safe place to ask tough questions and get honest answers. 

Maybe that safe place isn’t in your circle, because you already know how your friends/family/coworkers feel about abortion, or maybe you don’t want anyone to know that you’re even pregnant. Maybe you just want to handle this on your own. Whatever your situation, remember that you need a safe place, one that will offer you unbiased information and will not profit from any decision you make. Because if they are profiting, then it may actually be a sales pitch.

#4. (HINT) The best tip you need to remember from this list is actually found here.

That lab quality pregnancy test and ultrasound needed to verify a viable pregnancy? They can be provided for free by licensed medical professionals at a safe place called Little Way. Our women’s center can help you or anyone considering abortion in Louisville get the answers needed to make the best decision. Because we don’t financially profit from any pregnancy decision you make, you can know with great confidence that we offer unbiased information to empower you.  

#5. Don’t hesitate and make your appointment today if you’re pregnant and thinking about abortion in Louisville.

Make an appointment or call (502) 583-2151 today to get started with accurate medical information about your individual situation, offered to you by experienced medical staff in a safe, judgement-free zone.

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