will abortion ruin my future with him

Will Abortion Ruin My Future with Him?

Will Abortion Ruin My Future with Him? — Let’s unpack this. So many emotions. To many unknowns. So many questions. However, this specific question seems to be the one that lingers in the minds of so many women in the Louisville area that come to see us.

Okay real talk here: relationships are already complicated, right? You have two people bringing their individual opinions, desires, and dreams together, hoping they can blend those to make a future that works for the both of them. Sometimes these individuals are in sync on these issues, and sometimes, well, not so much. Then if you add an unexpected pregnancy, suddenly everything changes for the both of you. Maybe neither of you feel ready to raise a child right now.

There’s so much to weigh in these situations, like:

“What if he wants this, but I don’t?”

“What if I want this, but he doesn’t?”

Or what if he tells you “I’ll support whatever you decide.”

Hmmmmm…. This one probably seems like the nicest response to him, but doesn’t he know that if you shared this pregnancy info with him, that you’d like for him to give you more reassurance than just that? This well-meaning response from him can actually have you second guessing yourself even more.

There’s so much to navigate when everything inside of you may be overflowing with fear and anxiety because you just don’t want to make the wrong decision, knowing that this could impact your future together. After all, isn’t that what you’re trying to protect right now as you consider abortion—your own future and maybe even your future with him?

Here’s the thing—The answer isn’t as simple as typing a question into google and getting a yes or no answer. So, what can you find on Google to help you? Let’s give some solid advice that’s worked for thousands of women in the Louisville area.

If you’re looking for information about how abortion will impact your future with your boyfriend or husband, it’s important that you connect with unbiased individuals who can listen to all of your concerns, big and small and work from there.

We understand, sometimes that’s hard to find, because If you’ve told anyone about this, you may feel like everyone around you is shouting their opinions at you. Or maybe, you’ve decided to keep this to yourself, until you’ve made the decision about whether you’ll choose abortion as your next step.

It’s naturally difficult for people to give unbiased advice when the situation impacts their life as well, including your significant other or even a friend or family member. So, it’s important to reach outside of your usual circle of influence for this resource, because you need someone who specializes in these types of situations to help you with this.

The key is—You need unbiased individuals to help you gather your thoughts and give you factual answers to the questions you have. Since abortion options are not a “one size fits all” kind of deal, you need the ability to understand and decide on your next steps based on your individual situation, without added pressure from outside influences. Don’t settle for anything less. You deserve that.

By this point, you may be thinking, “yeah that all sounds great, but how do I possibly find someone who can support me in the ways you’ve described?”

Little Way can be that place for you, that resource that will help you, as you map out your plan, without trying to persuade you one way over another. We have a team who specializes in unexpected pregnancies, who are trained to listen, answer your questions with unbiased resources, and help you make the best decision for you and your situation.

Key services like pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, medical information, and a listening ear are offered at NO CHARGE to you, because we’re a non-profit women’s health center in Louisville, KY that believes in empowering women to make the best decision for their life and their situation. Schedule your appointment with us today.

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