're pregnant

So…you’re pregnant.

Deep breaths. Tissues. Chocolate. More chocolate. Freezing Google with your 164 questions. Finding out you’re pregnant when you don’t want to be is terrifying. Ever felt the pit of your stomach drop out? It’s like that… times 100. But know your life is not over- even though it will change…no matter what you do.

So let’s get practical and talk about your three pregnancy options. This video is super straightforward about info you need to know when you’re pregnant (+ need to figure out asap what to do):

So grab more chocolate a pen + paper, or create a new note on your phone, and let’s make a list. Because making a list always helps (amIright?!).

First let’s get the obvious out of the way: there is no easy choice or ‘easy way out’ when it comes to deciding what to do about this pregnancy. Yes, each option could have certain aspects that may appeal to you, but each will be hard. So we’re not here to figure out how to make it easy. We’re here to figure out which hard you’re gonna choose. Because it’s 100% your choice.

What it is: The video explained a lot ((scroll back up)). Quick summary: abortion is performed either by taking a series of pills (up to 9 weeks pregnant) or surgically removing the fetus. Surgical abortion is done by suction or by manual instruments. The abortion procedure can have many side effects such as bleeding, severe cramps, infection, pain, and surprising emotional stress. Abortion is also expensive.

If you’re considering abortion: It is important to do your research and be aware of all side effects. How many weeks pregnant you typically determine the cost and type of procedure. Our free ultrasounds can help determine how far along you are as well as if your pregnancy is viable (20% of pregnancies end in natural miscarriage). At Little Way, we pride ourselves on having up to date abortion info and are here to listen to all your questions, zero judgment.

What it is: Adoption is a choice to make a plan to place your child with non-biological parents. Adoption is not ‘giving your baby up’ or ‘being a bad mom’. When you make an adoption plan for your child, you will get to select the adoptive parents yourself and choose the type of adoption you’d like: open (ongoing relationship with your child), semi-open (correspondence through letters, emails, and pictures), and closed adoption (no contact). Adoption allows a birth mother to maintain current life plans with no long-term responsibility or financial pressure. In fact, most medical bills and some life expenses are often paid by the adoptive family during your pregnancy.

If you’re considering adoption: We can talk to you about what adoption practically looks like and how to begin the process. Little Way has multiple connections with adoption agencies that go above and beyond to serve birth mamas like you well.

What it is: Choosing to parent is a lifelong commitment to love your child and provide for his or her well-being emotionally, physically, and financially. Becoming a parent means your relationships and responsibilities will change. However, experiencing the bond of a mother and child is very rewarding.

If you’re considering parenting: At Little Way, we have tons of resources to equip you to parent your child. We have an ongoing program to not only help provide materially for your family (diapers, clothes, car seat, etc.), but equip you with the knowledge to be a great mama (everything from breastfeeding to creating a safe nursery to healthy relationships).

What now?

Make an appointment. We have free services (pregnancy tests and ultrasounds) and lots of information about whatever option you are considering.

Be absolutely convinced no matter what you choose. If you are not 100% certain about parenting, or adoption, or abortion, talk to us. Education is empowering. We want to help you make choices you are proud of.

Tell someone ((even if it just us)) you are pregnant. Talking about it helps. Often people will surprise you with love and support and if they don’t? Remember people are quick to give advice, but they don’t have to live with your choice.

At the end of the day, you’ve got three options. Each option has side effects and can be emotionally tough. So don’t make a choice based on ease, make a choice based on your research and convictions.

Deep breaths. Tissues. Chocolate. A friend’s shoulder to cry on. Little Way on speed dial.

We’re here for you.

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